Our Move Company Overview

Our Move is the newest and most versatile addition in the toolbox used by developers, local governments, land trusts, community based organizations, citizens, and businesses to improve their communities in an equitable and sustainable manner.

No longer do we have to wait for anonymous developers or financially strained public agencies to improve our communities. Our Move helps communities drive their own revitalization and benefit financially from it. Our Move does this by connecting people to the opportunity to invest in development projects in their own community and across the United States. This realizes development that reflects local identity and priorities, and leverages environmental, social, and economic benefits for the whole community. Whether used independently by developers and citizens or as an implementation tool by local municipalities, Our Move bridges a gap between every day citizens and the benefits of community revitalization.

It’s Our Move now!

The What:

Our Move’s goal is to empower people and local institutions to shape the character of their community by leveraging their collective economic power to realize development that reflects their history, identity, and priorities.

The How:

Our Move provides a portal to allow community minded individuals and organizations to design, direct and invest in neighborhood real estate development.

How This All Works

Our Move makes investing in and uploading development projects straight forward and provides technical support to do so whenever needed.


Anyone with interest in supporting a development idea can review vetted project proposals on Our Move. Once they find the project they want to support, they simply follow the online instructions to review the project. If this opportunity seems right for them, they can select the amount of they wish to invest (some limits do apply) and provide payment directly through our secure financial services tools. Each investment opportunity will have its own expected Return of Investment (ROI) and timelines for making payments to investors, it is important to note that these investments are not guaranteed to produce a ROI and that there is a risk the investor may lose their initial investment. Therefore it is very important that investors not invest more money than they can reasonably afford to lose. Our Move is dedicated to the empowerment and economic wellbeing of our community of investors, we affectionately refer to as Our Movers!


Developers looking for financing and support through the Our Move platform and access to our community of investors can post their development concept, investment opportunity, and associated details directly into our online system. Our Move provides a completely automated system for posting projects once it is approved by Our Move management. Technical assistance with uploading projects is available upon request. Posting projects requires a small registration and posting fee.

Local Government

Local governments use a variety of tools and processes to generate viable community supported redevelopment visions for districts, corridors and specific properties. However these tools and processes are limited in their capacity to directly leverage local economic power of the surrounding community. Further, these efforts often struggle to result in local ownership of the eventual developments. With Our Move, they can do both. For some local governments these tools are not available or are otherwise not used. Without increasing a local government’s size, Our Move can serve as an integrated part of a local government’s planning implementation and redevelopment programs or as a standalone tool used by developers and community members.

Meet The Team

Clark Henry

Clark Henry has focused the last 15 years of his career leveraging private and public resources to support development of infill and constrained properties in urban and rural communities. With a background in urban planning and land revitalization Clark has worked extensively with property owners, developers, citizens, community based organizations, governments, and businesses. His work emphasizes the mutual advancement of economic, environmental, and social benefits through placemaking, investment, and collaboration. Clark has been involved with and helped start nonprofit organizations and community initiatives focused on housing, equitable development, environmental justice, and economic development. Through his personal and professional experiences Clark came to realize that average citizens lacked meaningful ways to more actively direct and benefit from the growth and change in their communities. Passionate about changing this dynamic, he co-founded Our Move. Clark earned a Master of Urban and Regional Planning Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Development from Portland State University. You can reach Clark at chenry@ourmove.com or (910) 386-1540.

J. Clark Hipp

J. Clark Hipp is a multi-faceted design professional who for the past 25 year has utilized his skills to design, develop and market commercial and multi-family projects in southeastern North Carolina. He has designed and developed Projects that range from multi-story commercial office towers to small urban infill projects. J. Clark has also been actively involved in the community, holding various board positions with organizations that advocate for housing affordability, economic development and educational awareness. The combination of these design and development skills with J. Clark’s desire to see positive community-lead change has lead J. Clark to collaborate in the creation of Our Move. J. Clark earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture form North Carolina State University, holds an architectural license, a real estate brokerage license and a general contracting license in North Carolina. You can reach J. Clark at chipp@ourmove.com or (910) 763-8968.

How do you Participate?

Our Move is currently growing our community of investors, developers, and collaborators. Click the button below to register with Our Move, receive updates and announcements of new investment opportunities as they arise.

You can also contact us directly to inquire about posting your development projects or becoming a collaborative partner at the email and telephone numbers provided in the bios below.

Register with Our Move

Our Move is Different

Since the passage of the JOBS act in 2012 online portals for investing in real estate have sprouted up like wildflowers. Our Move is different in many ways. First, most of those portals are offering investments only to Accredited Investors, and not the vast majority of Americans. We are not alone in offering these opportunities to everyone but there are ways Our Move differentiates itself.

  • Our Move leadership understands the way in which cities work and how they can be successful.
  • We provide supporting services.
  • Our Move is available everywhere but special focus and attention is given to cities, towns, neighborhoods, developers, and properties more often ignored by investment capital. 

Our Move does court and embrace investments from accredited investors but our main focus is the “True Crowd” of everyday people.

Supporting Services

Our Move was created in response to the fact that there are people and groups left out of the development process so community revitalization is equitable, both socially and economically.  These people and groups are as diverse in their aspirations and capacity as they are socially.  Our Move provides supporting services, funded through our fundraising portal, that can help develop a community supported vision and expand the capacity of these stakeholders to realize it.   

Our Move is a unique platform that provides technical expertise necessary for the successful execution of redevelopment projects and community development efforts receiving funding.   These services are provided through Our Move founders, staff, and teams of highly respected subject matter experts and consulting partners.  Our Move understands that no two projects are the same and tailors its technical support to meet the specific needs of each project and community.  They can include but not be limited to the following.

  • Development pro-forma and budgeting
  • Planning, entitlement, and permitting
  • Architecture and Design
  • Market and feasibility assessment
  • Community engagement
  • Communication plans and partnership development
  • Public Requests for Proposals or Qualification (RFP/Q) and property disposition
  • Brownfield guidance
Development teams, public agencies, community based organizations and individuals can use Our Move to raise capital to secure these professional services.  Too often development plans, community improvements, and revitalization efforts are not realized, or take decades to come to fruition because of insufficient public funding and/or access to private capital for the planning and then implementation stages.  Our Move helps raise capital for these project planning phases and infuses it directly with implementation, which again makes Our Move a unique platform.

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ourmove allowed us to access private equity on a deal by deal basis. We had been investing randomly for years and never felt comfortable with the process or scrutiny. ourmove has raised the bar and set the standard for private equity.

Bobby Johansen


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Unprecedented Access

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