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Clark Henry (910) 386-1540Clark Hipp (910) 231-7946info@ourmove.com

Our Move Company Overview

Our Move is the newest and most versatile addition in the toolbox used by developers, local governments, land trusts, community based organizations, citizens, and businesses to improve their communities in an equitable and sustainable manner.

No longer do we have to wait for anonymous developers or financially strained public agencies to improve our communities. Our Move helps communities drive their own revitalization and benefit financially from it. Our Move does this by connecting people to the opportunity to invest in development projects in their own community and across the United States. This realizes development that reflects local identity and priorities, and leverages environmental, social, and economic benefits for the whole community. Whether used independently by developers and citizens or as an implementation tool by local municipalities, Our Move bridges a gap between every day citizens and the benefits of community revitalization.

It’s Our Move now!

The What:

Our Move’s goal is to empower people and local institutions to shape the character of their community by leveraging their collective economic power to realize development that reflects their history, identity, and priorities.

The How:

Our Move provides a portal to allow community minded individuals and organizations to design, direct and invest in neighborhood real estate development.

How This All Works

Our Move makes investing in and uploading development projects straight forward and provides technical support to do so whenever needed.


Anyone with interest in supporting a development idea can review vetted project proposals on Our Move. Once they find the project they want to support, they simply follow the online instructions to review the project. If this opportunity seems right for them, they can select the amount of they wish to invest (some limits do apply) and provide payment directly through our secure financial services tools. Each investment opportunity will have its own expected Return of Investment (ROI) and timelines for making payments to investors, it is important to note that these investments are not guaranteed to produce a ROI and that there is a risk the investor may lose their initial investment. Therefore it is very important that investors not invest more money than they can reasonably afford to lose. Our Move is dedicated to the empowerment and economic wellbeing of our community of investors, we affectionately refer to as Our Movers!


Developers looking for financing and support through the Our Move platform and access to our community of investors can post their development concept, investment opportunity, and associated details directly into our online system. Our Move provides a completely automated system for posting projects once it is approved by Our Move management. Technical assistance with uploading projects is available upon request. Posting projects requires a small registration and posting fee.

Local Government

Local governments use a variety of tools and processes to generate viable community supported redevelopment visions for districts, corridors and specific properties. However these tools and processes are limited in their capacity to directly leverage local economic power of the surrounding community. Further, these efforts often struggle to result in local ownership of the eventual developments. With Our Move, they can do both. For some local governments these tools are not available or are otherwise not used. Without increasing a local government’s size, Our Move can serve as an integrated part of a local government’s planning implementation and redevelopment programs or as a standalone tool used by developers and community members.

Meet The Team

Clark Henry

Clark Henry has focused the last 15 years of his career leveraging private and public resources to support development of infill and constrained properties in urban and rural communities. With a background in urban planning and land revitalization Clark has worked extensively with property owners, developers, citizens, community based organizations, governments, and businesses. His work emphasizes the mutual advancement of economic, environmental, and social benefits through placemaking, investment, and collaboration. Clark has been involved with and helped start nonprofit organizations and community initiatives focused on housing, equitable development, environmental justice, and economic development. Through his personal and professional experiences Clark came to realize that average citizens lacked meaningful ways to more actively direct and benefit from the growth and change in their communities. Passionate about changing this dynamic, he co-founded Our Move. Clark earned a Master of Urban and Regional Planning Degree and a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community Development from Portland State University. You can reach Clark at chenry@ourmove.com or (910) 386-1540.

J. Clark Hipp

J. Clark Hipp is a multi-faceted design professional who for the past 25 year has utilized his skills to design, develop and market commercial and multi-family projects in southeastern North Carolina. He has designed and developed Projects that range from multi-story commercial office towers to small urban infill projects. J. Clark has also been actively involved in the community, holding various board positions with organizations that advocate for housing affordability, economic development and educational awareness. The combination of these design and development skills with J. Clark’s desire to see positive community-lead change has lead J. Clark to collaborate in the creation of Our Move. J. Clark earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture form North Carolina State University, holds an architectural license, a real estate brokerage license and a general contracting license in North Carolina. You can reach J. Clark at chipp@ourmove.com or (910) 763-8968.

How do you Participate?

Our Move is currently growing our community of investors, developers, and collaborators. Click the button below to register with Our Move, receive updates and announcements of new investment opportunities as they arise.

You can also contact us directly to inquire about posting your development projects or becoming a collaborative partner at the email and telephone numbers provided in the bios below.

Register with Our Move

Our Move is Different

Since the passage of the JOBS act in 2012 online portals for investing in real estate have sprouted up like wildflowers. Our Move is different in many ways. First, most of those portals are offering investments only to Accredited Investors, and not the vast majority of Americans. We are not alone in offering these opportunities to everyone but there are ways Our Move differentiates itself.

  • Our Move leadership understands the way in which cities work and how they can be successful.
  • We provide supporting services.
  • Our Move is available everywhere but special focus and attention is given to cities, towns, neighborhoods, developers, and properties more often ignored by investment capital. 

Our Move does court and embrace investments from accredited investors but our main focus is the “True Crowd” of everyday people.

Supporting Services

Our Move was created in response to the fact that there are people and groups left out of the development process so community revitalization is equitable, both socially and economically.  These people and groups are as diverse in their aspirations and capacity as they are socially.  Our Move provides supporting services, funded through our fundraising portal, that can help develop a community supported vision and expand the capacity of these stakeholders to realize it.   

Our Move is a unique platform that provides technical expertise necessary for the successful execution of redevelopment projects and community development efforts receiving funding.   These services are provided through Our Move founders, staff, and teams of highly respected subject matter experts and consulting partners.  Our Move understands that no two projects are the same and tailors its technical support to meet the specific needs of each project and community.  They can include but not be limited to the following.

  • Development pro-forma and budgeting
  • Planning, entitlement, and permitting
  • Architecture and Design
  • Market and feasibility assessment
  • Community engagement
  • Communication plans and partnership development
  • Public Requests for Proposals or Qualification (RFP/Q) and property disposition
  • Brownfield guidance
Development teams, public agencies, community based organizations and individuals can use Our Move to raise capital to secure these professional services.  Too often development plans, community improvements, and revitalization efforts are not realized, or take decades to come to fruition because of insufficient public funding and/or access to private capital for the planning and then implementation stages.  Our Move helps raise capital for these project planning phases and infuses it directly with implementation, which again makes Our Move a unique platform.

Low Entry  •  Growth  •  Income
Our Move gives all types of investors the opportunity to invest in real estate

how Our Move works

investing in real estate
without the hassle.


browse properties

At Our Move, we present all types of properties. You will be able to view each property and developer details, operating documents and project financials. Furthermore, Non-U.S citizens can invest as well. Feel free to give us a call at 1 (844) 622-7693, or chat with one of our representatives if you have any questions.



Our Move specializes in preferred equity investments, where investors receive a large share of the deal’s profits, including the first, “preferred” profits. Each real estate investment is tied to a real estate company that deals with the hassles of the day to day operations.

how Our Move works

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Create an account

Membership is free and gives you insider access to invest in real estate that is pre-screened by the Our Move team. You will also benefit from low minimums, starting at $1,000, compared to $50k - $100k for traditional real estate investments. Our Move is currently open to accredited and international investors.


Select a property

Members of Our Move can browse the properties and learn more about specific investments. For every opportunity, there is detailed information including estimated length of the investment, estimated annual return, property and location information.


Finalize your investment.

Once you decide which property you are interested in, you can easily and securely sign legal paperwork online and submit payment for your investment via check, or wire. Our Move may also request additional information to verify that you are an accredited investor.


Wait for the funding process to be complete

In order to finalize your investment, the full amount for the property investment must be reached. Our Move will keep you up to date via email and your investor dashboard. In the event the investment is oversubscribed, the first investors who have funded their portion of the investment will have preference.


If the funds goals are reached

You are officially an investor and can expect to receive frequent updates and your share of cash distributions. You will also have access to your investor dashboard to watch how your money is working for you and receive exclusive invites to Our Move events.


If the funds goals are not reached

100% of your money will be returned to you with no fees or hidden charges.

our properties get vetted prior to being listed on Our Move

due dilligence

<span class=Our Move iPhone investing" data-ix="from-left">


Detailed inspection of fundamentals such as the business plan, where, for what purpose, what’s in the title report, zoning, architectural plans, etc.?



Detailed inquiry into the experience and track record of the management team. Background checks, financial statements, and competency are just some of the factors we take into account.



Analysis of the macro-environment as it relates to a project’s opportunities and risks. Appraisals, property price comparables, overview, and market demographics.



Project capitalization structure (sources and uses) and repayment.  Legal and security structure, rights, responsibilities, and remedies.  Making sure everything is in good standing.

Residential  •  Commercial  •  Strip Malls  •  Pre-Construction

How Our Move is changing
the face of investing forever.

Taking real estate investment from the boardroom to the community 

Our Move is dedicated to moving real estate investment out of the boardroom and into the communities where properties are located. We are a real estate crowdfunding company that is able to accept both accredited and unaccredited investors. We also accept foreign investors without restrictions. 

The Our Move Difference

Institutional investors can only see a balance sheet. Our Move knows the neighborhoods where it builds, just as you do. We give local residents an opportunity to invest, and profit, where the property values and quality of life they improve affects them directly. Because Our Move nearly eliminates the red tape and paperwork that comes with traditional real estate funding, we give you the potential for an increased return on your investment. 

Since you are empowered to invest directly for the first time, the vast majority of institutional middlemen are cut out, greatly reducing fees and allowing for increased potential returns.

Our Move advantage">


How Our Move is changing the face of investing forever.

Investing was once something reserved for the wealthy. People who had money used their money to make more money. Today, that progression no longer applies. The advent of crowd funding gives investors of all kinds the opportunity to break the mold that once only allowed the rich to gain a meaningful return on their investment. Traditionally, the amount of money investors could expect to receive was directly related to their disposable income. “Affluent” investors were considered individuals with disposable income that covered the wide range between $20,000-$2,000,000. 

These investors, on average, could only expect a six percent return on their investments. This figure was considerably lower than individuals deemed “high net worth” or above. The $2,000,000 mark was a line of demarcation for individuals considered high net worth. $2,000,000 to $10,000,000 was used to categorize ultra-high net worth individuals, while $100,000,000 served to qualify institutional investors. In other words, the more you could invest, the greater the potential, and percentage, of profit you could expect to receive. Until today. The introduction of Our Move now opens an investment arena once available only to the wealthy: commercial real estate. 

The new availability of commercial real estate investment means the expected six percent return barrier for investments by affluent investors has been shattered forever, leaving bank accounts, emerging market bonds, stock market speculation and commercial real estate as options with diminished appeal in the face of real estate crowdfunding. Still in its formative stages, real estate crowdfunding will give 99% of the population a chance to reap financial benefits once only available to the fabled 1%.

Our Move gives even the small investor the opportunity to invest in real estate directly in your city, and even your neighborhood. Whether you’ve ever wanted to own a store, an office building, or even a strip mall, Our Move can make it possible. Your investment with Our Move comes with more than the potential for profit, too. It also makes a meaningful contribution to local property values and quality-of-life where you live and work.

Our Move works with hundreds, or even thousands, of investors on each individual property. We harness this combined buying power to bring you opportunities in commercial real estate that were once available only to institutional investors. Our Move also lets you control and follow your investments online and receive potential quarterly cash distributions and property appreciation.

Create an Account

Creating a Our Move investor account is free and provides you access to invest in real estate which our Our Move team reviews. You will benefit from low minimums, starting at $1000, compared to traditional real estate investments from $50k - $100k.

Review an Investment

For every investment, there will be a detailed overview that includes estimated annual return, estimated length of the investment, property and the location information as well as a profile for any company or person involved in the investment.

Participate in Webinars

For every investment property listed on our website, Our Move conducts a webinar to explain the opportunity and answer all investor inquires.

Finalize Your Investment

When you find an investment that interests you, you can then easily and securely sign legal documents online and submit payments for your investment online as well. Payments are done via wire or check.

Monitor the Fundraising

ProgressIn order to complete your investment, the full amount for the property must be reached. Our Move will periodically update you via email and your investor dashboard.

On Successful Fundraising - Once the property has been fully funded, you will officially be an investor and can expect to receive updates and your share of cash distributions. You will also have access to your investor dashboard to watch how your money is working for you.

If Funds Are Not Raised - 100% of your money will be returned to you with no fees or hidden charges.

Hold Title to the Asset

Our Move is adamant about protecting investor interests. In equity investments, our investors are preferred equity partners and the operating entity holds title to the property as security.

Transparent Reporting

As soon as the fundraising is complete, you can view the progress of your investment through the investor dashboard, where you will receive updates and can follow a timeline for the asset status. The timeline is updated in real time and you will also receive email notifications.

List of expenses

We upload an invoice for every expense in the Documents section of the dashboard, and notify you right away. Escrow balances are reflected on your investor dashboard real time. Every draw is invoiced and uploaded to your dashboard.

Status Updates

We send out a weekly update on the asset, the work covered and projects milestones for coming weeks.

How does Our Move work?

Our Move is a private, secure and uncomplicated way for qualified investors to discover, analyze review and invest in commercial real estate. Our Move brings rigorously-vetted real estate properties to potential investors, along with the ability to appraise details of the property, review legal documentation and perform other forms of due diligence. Our Move lets you make knowledgeable investment decisions on a virtually limitless platform of financial opportunity.

What do I own when I invest through Our Move?

Our Move investments are units of a limited liability company (LLC). Each property offered includes a single purpose formed solely for the ownership and operation of that asset. LLCs are often the ideal method for real estate ownership since they bring investors the advantage of limited financial exposure. They also offer pass through taxation status and are reasonably flexible in the event that liquidation of ownership becomes necessary.

How does Our Move execute documentation?

Your investment is initially posted on our platform for your review. At that time when they become available, you will be able to examine draft documents. All signatures are electronically implemented, with a fully-executed electronic version stored in your investor dashboard.

How is communication with the operators accomplished?

An online Question and Answer section and email list is provided for each investment. Operators that invest with Our Move are also required to report on a quarterly basis at minimum.

Are there investment limits with Our Move?

There is no maximum investment amount with Our Move.  Our investment minimums begin at $1,000 USD. Please be aware that Our Move reserves the right to alter this at any time.

Does Our Move function as a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)?

Our Move differs extensively from a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT). With Our Move you own units of an LLC solely devoted to the ownership and operation of one asset. REIT shares are not the equivalent of physical ownership of real estate. They function in a fashion similar to a derivative of real estate, since you own a portion of the company that owns the real estate. You are not only at the mercy of that company management decisions, you are bound to their strategy, the properties they purchase, and ultimately to the stock market’s constant instability. When you are a Our Move investor, you control your own portfolio, select the assets you invest in, and in due course own the real estate itself. Our Move is not a product of financial engineering that can be decimated by the uncertainties of the stock market.

What types of investments does Our Move offer?

Our Move makes investments in development, hotels, multifamily housing, retail stores, office buildings, and industrial properties available to you. These arrangements leverage the micro-market know-how of our partners and their ability to create substantial deal flow.

What methods of screening investments does Our Move employ?

We pre-screen all of our operators to make certain that all offering on our platform are legitimate. We insist that all offerings include a considerable amount of information to make all purchase decisions informed ones. In addition, we require all operators to presents all risks, as well as opportunities, for all investments.

How many investors can participate in each offering?

Our Move allows an unlimited number of investors to participate.

How are requirements for additional capital accomplished?

Each investment is accompanied by a comprehensive business plan and projected budget. It is our responsibility to provide for sufficient reserves of capital funded at the beginning of the transaction or made necessary by a capital call later on. Capital call requirements can vary by operating agreements and are listed on each investment. In today’s current financing market, when dealing with value add or transitional investments, most lenders provide for future fundings of loan proceeds so that additional tenant improvement and leasing commission (TILC) costs are covered.

How will Our Move update me on my investment?

Our investors can use their desktop, tablet or smartphone to receive and review real time updates to their investments in their online portfolio on their dashboard. Our operating partners are required to report on the status of the assets at least quarterly. These reports must include leasing updates, financial performance/variances and any capital improvements or requirements. As an adjunct to real time updating, we encourage our investors to post to the Q&A section of the ongoing investments.

When I invest with Our Move what are my tax implications?

Our Move cannot offer tax and/or legal advice. We do suggest that you consult with your attorney and accountant on the legal and tax implications of Our Move investment. However, for general information only, investing in a Limited Liability Company provides benefits that include a pass-through taxation entity, limited investor liability as suggested by the label LLC, more efficient formation and continuing reporting requirements, and increased flexibility in allocations of profits and losses than other investment enterprises.

Who is responsible for decisions in an LLC?

Each investment offered by Our Move is managed by a Our Move-controlled LLC who acts as the “Managing Member.” This individual has sole and exclusive rights for the management, control and performance of the affairs of the LLC. These rights include, but are not limited to, fund distribution to investors, decisions regarding sale and leasing, operational decisions and reporting.

Who is responsible for the management and maintenance of the asset?

Each asset is the responsibility of an experienced asset operator with the background needed experience to operate the asset at its peak and provide solutions. The operators are experts in the appropriate asset class, from apartment building to industrial facility. In addition, the opportunity to review the operator’s past investment experience and background prior to the investment will be made available to you.

What fees accompany investment with Our Move?

Our fees are dependent upon the type of investment and how complex its organizational structure is. We experience a return on the profits when the distribution payments are made as well as when an asset is sold, so we don’t get paid unless you get paid. We make sure the investment opportunity we present to you is solid and will be successful because our bottom-line interests are aligned with yours; we make money when you do – it’s that simple. Furthermore, once profits from the sale or distribution are given, these monies cover the administrative and legal costs of arranging the investment and the continuing reporting and management of the investment. Fees differ per property and are listed in the operating LLC agreement for your review. Our Move may also use an affiliated operating company to supply asset management for the ongoing optimization of the investment.

When will I see a return on my investment?

Real estate investments typically operate on a longer time-frame than more liquid stocks or bonds. Each investment opportunity is accompanied by a thorough business plan that outlines the time-frame necessary to realize the investment. This may vary anywhere from one to ten years. The nature of the units in the LLC investment are considered “restricted shares” according to SEC guidelines and may not be sold openly to the public. It is our intention at Our Move to either partner with an established secondary market provider or develop a proprietary secondary market for these securities to provide the ultimate flexibility to investors.

Can you describe the Our Move investment process?

All of our investors must pass our initial screening process to qualify for accredited, non-accredited, or foreign status. They are then able to examine potential investment opportunities when logged in to our platform. Our platform presents all due diligence items, property level financials, proposed deal structures and business plans, investment documents (including operating agreement, an investor questionnaire and subscription agreement) as well as detailed information on the operating partner. Once the investor considers the investment attractive enough to add to their portfolio, they simply click the “invest” button. They will then be asked to execute the required documents online with a secure e-signature process to secure their position in the investment. We present our investors with several options to execute the transfer of funds into a secure third party escrow account. All funds are held in this account until the investment is complete. Monies are then transferred securely to the investment fund and the transaction is closed since a new entity takes ownership of the asset. If the opportunity fails to reach its full funding amount, all funds will be returned to the investors.

What is the impact of the JOBS Act on Our Move?

President Obama signed the Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) into law in April of 2012. The intent of the JOBS Act is to provide more effective access to capital for small businesses and startups. Although a majority of the attention paid to Title III of the JOBS Act (which provides a legal framework to enable equity based crowdfunding), Title II potentially will have the greatest impact on Our Move. While Our Move will not rely initially on the implementation of the JOBS Act, Title II of the Act will lift the ban on general solicitation of certain securities and allow companies such as Our Move to offer investment opportunities to accredited investors where no prior meaningful relationship exists. After Title III regulations are fully enabled by the SEC, Our Move will be able to offer investment crowdfunding opportunities in their fullest sense, opening up to thirty trillion dollars of capital for investment in real estate opportunities around the nation. Our Move will truly bring Wall Street back to Main Street.

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