About Us

 Our Move was created in response to the fact that there are people and groups left out of the development process so community revitalization is equitable, both socially and economically.  These people and groups are as diverse in their aspirations and capacity as they are socially.  Our Move provides supporting services, funded through our fundraising portal, that can help develop a community supported vision and expand the capacity of these stakeholders to realize it.   

Our Move is a unique platform that provides technical expertise necessary for the successful execution of redevelopment projects and community development efforts receiving funding.   These services are provided through Our Move founders, staff, and teams of highly respected subject matter experts and consulting partners.  Our Move understands that no two projects are the same and tailors its technical support to meet the specific needs of each project and community.  They can include but not be limited to the following.
Development pro-forma and budgeting
Planning, entitlement, and permitting
Architecture and Design
Market and feasibility assessment
Community engagement
Communication plans and partnership development
Public Requests for Proposals or Qualification (RFP/Q) and property disposition
Brownfield guidance
Development teams, public agencies, community based organizations and individuals can use Our Move to raise capital to secure these professional services.  Too often development plans, community improvements, and revitalization efforts are not realized, or take decades to come to fruition because of insufficient public funding and/or access to private capital for the planning and then implementation stages.  Our Move helps raise capital for these project planning phases and infuses it directly with implementation, which again makes Our Movea unique platform.

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