10 Ways You Will Benefit from Ourmove Equity Crowdfunding

  • 1

    The Ourmove.com portal is one of the first vehicles for accredited and non-accredited investors across the United States. Our business model is designed to assist investors and entrepreneurs through the process by providing consulting and hosting services.

  • 2

    Investors are compensated for their investment by receiving shares and an ownership stake in the real estate projects, details of which are included in each offering.

  • 3

    Regulation Crowdfunding, also known as Title III Crowdfunding, gives investors access to ownership of real estate projects that wasn’t possible until May 2016.

  • 4

    By becoming an investor, you help small and community minded development teams help communities grow in a way that reflects their character, needs, and provides benefit. Too often, great projects are not realized because traditional financing isn’t available. With community investors, these projects can come to life.

  • 5

    The Ourmove.com portal uses advanced technology to connect investors together online with quality investment opportunities that meet all applicable federal requirements.

  • 6

    Anyone over the age of 18 can make a small investment in projects posted on Our Move, whether in their backyard, or across the country. After doing the appropriate due diligence to evaluate the opportunity, the Our Move portal makes investment easy and online.

  • 7

    The Ourmove.com portal is available to anyone 18 years of age and older across the United States.

  • 8

    The Ourmove.com portal assists community minded development teams who are looking for small investments from a large number of people at the same time.

  • 9

    Investors can go to our online deal room, read information on the development project and investment proposal, and then have the opportunity to invest in the project.

  • 10

    The crowdfunding escrow services provided through Prime Trust tracks the money and eventually distributes it to the entrepreneur at a specific time, as long as all of the requirements are met.